West Cumbria Motorsport Club

Minutes of Meeting held on 1 November 2023 at Hundith Hill Hotel

Present: Ian Aitken, Stephen Dixon, Geoff Bateman, Maggy Bateman, Craig Stamper, Martin White

Apologies: Roger Fisher, Joanne Stamper

The sad and untimely death of Russell Grant was noted. Most of the committee attended the funeral yesterday and it was said that the Eulogy read by Ryan Winthrop, but written by Jim Fee was such a good representation of Russell that we would see if we could print it in the magazine as a tribute. He will be missed.

Minutes of last meeting: Minutes of 10 October 2023 agreed.

Matters Arising:

Awards night: Venue still to be decided. Stephen brought in catalogues showing the awards and it was agreed that the diamond glass would be best – if available.

Business Account: Ian had spoken to Barclays and they do a business savings account, but the interest rate was only 1.4%. He will ask the Cumberland if we could possibly move the business account to them and open a savings account.

Current Membership: 83

Treasurers Report/Finance 2023:

Bank account balance: x Paypal Account Balance: x

Cash Account Balance: x

Secretary: Would let CMSG know our 2024 dates. Had notice of a Fellside PCT which she will put on the website and Facebook.

Competition Secretary: Trophies are in the process of being sorted. Roger has put the Championship details in the magazine. Stephen has received 16 entries for the Rallytest, but not all have paid yet – will be going to Northside on Saturday to set up the course. Next 12 car would be 27 November. Ian has said he will run the next 12 car on 18 December and queried how much notice would be needed by the ROL – 4 weeks. Possible start and finish at Countryman.

Ian also mentioned there had been a meeting regarding the Malcolm Wilson Rally – it was noted that Stephen Bethwaite has stepped down as Stage Commander on Comb and that Ronnie Sandham had asked if WCMC could provide a replacement Stage Commander, Deputy Stage Commander and Stage Safety Officer – it appears not. Ian to revert back to say we cannot nominate any one at present. It is hoped that there will be two stages on the Friday night.


Martin reported back on the Australian rally sprint event, which appears to relate to a speed type event in England, which would need an RS Interclub licence. He will try to find out further information – SD34 clubs run speed events – Maggy to send copy of SD34 magazine so Martin can may be find contacts from there.

Russell Grant

Craig suggested (but unanimously agreed) that the Autotest Championship should be renamed the Russell Grant Memorial Autotest Championship. He also suggested a trophy in his name. Stephen said there already was one but he wasn’t sure what for – after the meeting realised that Ann had it as it is Single Venue Navigator.

Ian reported that Russell’s death means that there are several housekeeping items that need to be done, as he was listed as both Secretary and Company Director at Companies House, Ian has logon details for Companies House, and will see how new directors can be added, and the other appointments made in due course.

Russell was also a signatory on the business account and will need to be removed - Stephen will be added.

Date of next meeting: 6 December

Next Committee meeting dates:

3 January 2024

7 February 2024

6 March 2024