Being able to drive as fast as you like around the course legally is good fun and teaches you a lot about car control. You can enter in normal road cars as well, brilliant! – Dan Hurst, Dearham

  • Autosolos can only be done in a road legal car which is taxed, MOT tested and insured. The car also needs to be driven to the event.
  • Competitors only need a club membership card to qualify, no competition licences or special equipment is needed.
  • Can be entered by individuals as young as 16 subject to certain conditions.
  • Autosolos are run on sealed tarmac venues in West Cumbria, entry fees are usually about £15 for the day.

During an autosolo you drive around a course marked out by numbered cones as quickly as you can, without incident. You will only go forwards in autosolos, there is no need to reverse and you will never need to use your handbrake. Each run is timed and the lowest time after all tests are completed is deemed the winner.


Remembering the correct route around the course and then getting round as quickly as possible is not as easy as it sounds, but when it all comes together it’s great. Love it! – James Thompson, Lamplugh

  • Competitors only need a club membership card to enter and the entry fee tends to be £10.
  • Young drivers can compete, again subject to certain conditions.
  • Autotests take place on either grass or tarmac surfaces.
  • Usually run on Sundays and Monday evenings at various West Cumbria locations.

Autotests are similar to autosolos. The object is that the organiser lays out a course of cones, and the competitors have to complete this course in the fastest time possible without incident. Penalties occur if you hit any of the cones setting out the course. Reverse gear is used on occasions.

Scatters & 12 Car Rallies

Solving clues and finding the correct route is both challenging and rewarding, and at the finish it’s great to compare notes with other crews. We don’t always go the right way! – Eileen Horsfall, Dovenby

  • These are navigational rallies taking place on public roads in West Cumbria.
  • Cars have to be road legal, taxed and MOT tested.
  • Events tend to be 45 to 50 miles long and usually take place on Monday evenings.
  • Competitors only need a club membership card to enter and the entry fee tends to be £10.
  • Requires a crew of two with the navigator solving the clues which are given out prior to the event start.

These events are generally ran through the winter months. To take part you will need a road legal car, a navigator who can read a map, a light for the car, the specified OS map, a pencil, a romer (not a must), and most importantly a watch. Don’t be scared off by all the gear you need as there is always someone on hand that will try and help out where they can!

Prior to setting off, you are given a series of clues which will coincide with places on the map, i.e. spot heights, grid references, pub names, signpost miles, and herringbones. You will set off at a specific time and are given a maximum amount of time to complete the event.

The most important thing, as with all motorsport events, is that it’s safe, well organised, and above all, enjoyable.


  • For these events you do require competition licences, specialist clothing and safety gear.
  • The cars are built to strict MSA regulations and checked accordingly.
  • Special Stage rallies are held on private land or forests.
  • We run our own Special Stage rally in Greystoke Forest, near Penrith.
  • Night Rallies are events ran at night, which cover greater distances that 12 Car Rallies and Scatter Rallies.
  • Limitations as to what can be done to the cars.


I do compete sometimes but spend most of my time organising a variety of events for the club. I get a lot of pleasure seeing members enjoying the motorsport that I’ve arranged. – Ryan Winthrop, Maryport

  • Not everyone wants to compete in motorsport events. Every event needs organisers and marshals.
  • There are official training courses and qualifications which comply with the governing bodies (MSA) rules.
  • Marshalling is very rewarding and provides the opportunity to see some great motorsport action.
  • We provide marshals not only for our own events, but for other clubs activities both in and out of Cumbria.

Social Events

We don’t spend all our time rushing around in cars. Members also have some great nights out and a lot of fun on the social side.Russell Grant, Whitehaven

  • Pie & Pea Supper and Quiz Night
  • Christmas Party
  • Annual Awards Presentation Evening
  • Motorsport Clothing Auction (to raise money for local charities)
  • Competition Car Show
  • Much more!