Minutes of Meeting held on 2 August 2023 at Hundith Hill Hotel

Present: Ian Aitken, Roger Fisher, Stephen Dixon, Geoff Bateman, Maggy Bateman

Apologies: Russell Grant, Richard Barnard

Minutes of last meeting: Minutes of 5 July 2023 agreed

Matters Arising:

Finances regarding running of events and awards: Autotests continue to make a profit. Greystoke should make a profit this year

Awards night: Ongoing – Raffle agreed to be purely for charity. Whatever venue is decided upon entry to be charged to defray costs – most other clubs charge for their awards presentations. Agreed to continue to be buffet style as less formal.

Business Account: Ongoing

Family Membership: In the absence of Russell this was discussed and agreed that it would be more accurate for each family member to have their own membership card if they are under 18 – this would reflect a truer membership figure. If over 18 they should have their own membership.

Current Membership: 81

Treasurers Report/Finance 2023:

Bank account balance: x Paypal Account Balance: xCash Account Balance: x

Secretary: Had emailed Richard Christensen as requested regarding Greystoke success and received reply.

Provided list of 2024 committee meeting dates as below, and agreed to contact Hundith Hill to see if available.

3 January

7 February

6 March

3 April

1 May

5 June

3 July

7 August

4 September

2 October

6 November

4 December

Will check to see limit on Dropbox to see if Club magazines can be uploaded. Will send SD34 magazine to Roger in future for onward transmission to club members.

Competition Secretary: Car show was good, and well attended – perhaps next time possibly invite other clubs. Last autotest on 16 July was successful. Next one to be 3 September with Roger as CoC. 8 October could be autotest or rallytest if venue available. 12 Cars should start in October – possibly 16 or 30 and then 27 November and 18 December.

AOB: None

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 6 September 2023 at Hundith Hill Hotel