Minutes of Meeting held on 10 October 2023 at Hundith Hill Hotel

Present: Ian Aitken, Roger Fisher, Stephen Dixon, Geoff Bateman, Maggy Bateman, Joanne Stamper, Craig Stamper, Martin White

Apologies: Russell Grant

Ian welcomed Joanne, Craig and Martin to the committee. He also said that following a conversation Richard will be stepping down from the committee due to pressure of work, but will still be included in the committee emails.

Ian also offered congratulations on behalf of the committee to Stephen on his and Ann’s marriage.

Minutes of last meeting: Minutes of 6 September 2023 agreed.

Matters Arising:

Awards night: Various venues were discussed with possible dates in February. Whatever venue it was agreed that a nominal charge of £5 per person should be made to help defray the cost of the evening. Stephen will liaise with Russell regarding the awards and the Christmas/New Year autotest will be included in the 2024 championship. Maggy to do another quiz.

Business Account: Further discussion took place with Ian agreeing to ask his contact at Barclays about the possibility of opening an account. Geoff had contacted NatWest and they do not do business saving accounts unless the business account is also with them.

Current Membership: 83 - Stephen to get cards from Russell. Family members to be counted individually. Over 18s are not included in family memberships and should have their own individual one. This is to be noted on the Membership form.

Treasurers Report/Finance 2023:

Bank account balance: x Paypal Account Balance: x Cash Account Balance: x

Secretary: Had attended SD34 meeting and had stickers if anyone required them. Had also attended by Zoom a recent Safeguarding webinar. Will fill in ANCC club information for 2024. MSUK renewal has just come in, so will submit shortly - £85 cost.

Competition Secretary: Richard had to cancel the 12 car, so the permit will be transferred to 27 November. 18 December for another one - Stephen to liaise with RLO. Andrew has said that we can use Northside in November, so a Rallytest will be put on on the 5th. He believes that there may be possible to run a multi venue targa next year, but will have to investigate further.

Martin suggested whether there we events in the UK which are the equivalent to the Austrailian sprint events – to investigate further.


Roger had confirmed that the membership for next year is £15 and £24 – will put the correct form in the November magazine. Before that Maggy will create a new membership secretary address and provide details for the 2024 form.

Possible next date for the AGM is 14 February – Geoff to ring possible new accountants on return from Mull to see if that is ok.

Date of next meeting: 1 November

Next Committee meeting dates:

6 December 2023

3 January 2024

7 February 2024