West Cumbria Motorsport Club


Minutes of meeting held on 4th Dec 2017 at Hundith Hill Hotel, Cockermouth.


Present:  Richard Barnard, Russell Grant, Peter Lister and Ian Aitken


Apologies:          Dave Culley, Stephen Dixon, Keryll Steel, Sam Steel, Pearl Wilson.


Matters Arising:  None


Treasurers Report:


CMSG/ANECC/ANWCC/SACC:  Richard said he had had a note from the SACC secretary regarding our subscription. It was agreed we should continue to be members of the SACC and Richard was asked to pass the info to Kerryl and ask her to pay it.


Greystoke:         The next committee meeting is on the 7th of Dec 17 


Correspondence:             None


Membership 2017. – 98


Competition Secretary:                Stephen reported the 2018 Cross Pennine Autotest Championship would consist of 8 rounds. We and Hartlepool doing 4 events each if other clubs don’t come forward.


Events  10th Dec 18         Cross Pennine Autotest at Dunmail. Steven and Russell organising.

8th Jan 18           Committee Meeting

21 Jan 18           Tarmac Autotest – Dub Hall?

5th Feb 18          Committee Meeting

9th Feb 18          Awards Night – Russell organising

18th Feb 18       Tarmac AutotTest

21st Feb 18        Navigation Training Evening

3th Mar 18         Malcolm Wilson Rally

12th Mar 18       12 car Navigational Rally


Paypal.  Still awaiting information.


Timming Equipment for Autotest events.

Richard asked get quotes for electronic timing kit and Peter to order 4 stop watches. Ian to look into possible MSA grants funding.


Adrians Bench. Russell reported he had spoken to the landowner and agreed arrangements regarding bench removal and reinstating the site and is progressing where it will go next.


Club Trailer.       It was suggested that the Club should look into the purchase of a box trailer, say 6 meter, for the storage and transporting of Club equipment but the issue of where such a trailer could be stored would need to be considered.

Steven kindly offered the use of two large sheds on his site at Rowra to store equipment which was accepted and was asked to get prices to fix doors and locks to make them secure. Richard asked to look into the price of trailers.


Rally Test Championship 2018

Richard proposed that we run a Rally Test Championship in 2018 hopefully using 4 different venues and outlined what he had in mind. It was agreed we would take this forward. Richard provided more details as to how it might run and proposed dates for each round. Richard and Russell said they would look for possible sites and report back at the next meeting.


Awards Night

Russell reported arrangements are all in hand, the price would be the same as last year, and passed all information to Peter to put in the Dec mag.


Rally Test Results Oct 17

Richard asked to supply Peter a copy of the results that he can put in the magazine.


Any Other Business