Minutes of meeting held on 7th Aug 2017 at Hundith Hill Hotel, Cockermouth.


Present:  Richard Barnard, Russell Grant , Peter Lister, Kerryl Steel, Pearl Wilson, & Ian Aitken


Apologies:          Dave Culley, Sam Steel, Stephen Dixon.


Matters Arising:  None


Treasurers Report:


CMSG/ANECC/ANWCC/SACC:  Nothing to report


Greystoke: The event wash up meeting is on the 9th of August.




Membership 2017. – 90


Competition Secretary:  The next round of the Cross Pennine Championship is on the 27th of August at Hartleypool..


Events     14th Aug                             Grass Autotest – Is this still on. Richard to speak to Stephen

                   27th Aug                             Autotest -Cross Pennine Championship - Hartleypool

3rd Sept                              Grass Autotest  - Venue to be confirmed.

4th Sept                              Committee Meeting

18th Sept                           12 Car – Cancelled

24th Sept           Tarmac Autotest – Siloth. Stephen organising

2nd Oct                                Committee Meeting

8th Oct                                Autotest - Cross Pennine Championship – Siloth Stephen organising

16th Oct                              12 Car – Pending. Awating outcome of meeting with other clubs

22nd Oct                             Special PCA Autotest – Richard organising.

23rd Oct                              Pie and Pea supper – Wheatsheaf Lorton – Ian to book date and get prices

6th Nov                               Committee Meeting

20th Nov                            Club Night with Blood Bike presentation. Pearl to confirm dates.


12 Car Entries.  Eden Valley and Spadeadam are happy to meet. Richard asked to arrange date time and place.


Autotest Venues.  Ian asked to contact Gordon Osbaldestin at Dunmail Park to ask if we can use the site on the 22 Oct 2017. Post meeting note. I have E-mailed Gordon asking if we can use site with copy of our risk assessment for the event and a copy of our indemnity insurance. No response as yet.  


Autotest Results  It was agreed we should try to include full results in the magazine.


Paypal – Kerryl explained that we can use it but as a Business, rate of 3.4% plus 20p per transaction.  Kerryl to see the bank with regards to setting it up.


Rally Tests Richard to draft regulation for next meeting an Ian to contact Dunmail Park to book the October 22nd


Pie & Pea Supper – Ian said he would ask Mark at the Wheatsheaf Lorton for a price. Post meeting note. Mark is away but the 23 Oct has been provisionally booked. Kerryl as I will be away for a while can you pick it up from here please. Thanks.


Any Other Business


Timming Equipment for Autotest events.

Richard suggested we should invest in some electronic timing equipment for our autotests. Following discussion and there being no objections in principle, Richard was asked to liaise with Stephen to determine what we might need and how much it might cost.


Club Magazine

After having looked at a recent SD34 club magazine Ian said he had been surprised at the amount of content in it. Russell pointed out that many clubs contribute to it. Peter said the club has always had difficulty getting people to write reports for us. In the past whoever won an event usually wrote a short report but this no longer seems to be the case which makes finding content difficult.

After discussion it was agreed:-


To help with content full autotest results should be provided for inclusion and Kerryl would provide a couple of table top rallies for the winter months.


We should also look at upgrading our magazine software as what we have now is some years old. Richard said he might have something more modern and would send it to Peter to look at.