Minutes of meeting held 7th January 2019 at  Hundith Hill HotelCockermouth

Present:          Stephen Dixon, Roger Fisher, Peter Lister, Russell Grant, Pearl Wilson, Ian Aitken


Apologies:      Kerryl, Sam Steel, Richard Barnard and Chris Wilson.


Matters Arising:        None


Treasurers Report:  


CMSG/ANECC/ANWCC/SACC:  Greystoke part of ANECC/Northern Historic Championship


Greystoke:     Treasurers post now covered, meeting was still to take place when committee sat.


Correspondence:       Letter from Mountain Rescue regarding charity night, £350 raised.


Membership 2019:    24


Competition Secretary: All 2018 Championship results finalised and winners notified after         meeting


Events:4th Feb            Committee

                        17th Feb           Tarmac Autotest – Chris Hunter/Nigel Moffat at Dunmail?

                        4th March         Committee

                        9th March         Malcolm Wilson  Rally

                        18th March       AGM @ Hundith Hill

                        1st April           Committee

                        7th April           Tarmac Autotest

                        28th April         Rallytest

                        7th May            Committee

                        19th May          Autotest

                        1st/2nd June       2 day Rallytest

                        3rd June            Committee

                        10th June          Grass Autotest/Bannockburn


Data Protection:        Finalised procedure in place ready to use


Online Banking:        Awaiting progress


Any Other Business:


Motion to move AGM from 2020 onwards from March to February


Championship – Marshals points awarded to a marshal who hadn’t claimed points for a certain number of events he had marshalled on


Pictures from the old Sheep and Wool venue were brought as they were no longer being used and asked what could be done with them as current venue may not wish to have them hung up there. To be taken to awards night and asked if any one there would like to have them.