Notes of Meeting held on 2nd of July 2020 at Gatra Farm Dance Hall.


Present: Stephen Dixon, Roger Fisher, Irving Wilson and Ian Aitken

Apologies: Richard Barnard, Peter Lister, Kerryl Steel. Russell Grant, Pearl Wilson


The meeting was held to discuss further the arrangements for running an Autotest on the 19th of July under the current MSUK’s and government covid 19 restrictions.


Prior to the meeting

Russell confirmed Old Side is available to us on the 19th of July. That we can use the centre of the oval as paddock which he believed could accommodate up to 20 competitors cars and trailers with the required social distancing. Food will be available to order.

Richard drafted a set of regulations and circulated them for comment.

Kerryl obtained a permit for the event. Number 118313


After discussion it was agreed.


We would accept up to 20 entries.


Entry fee would be £20, accepting it is likely the event will run at a loss.


Cars may be double driven. Subject to Covid requirements.


Ian/Roger would update Covid paragraph to include 3 above and Covid declaration requirements.


Stephen would then update the regs


Stephen would speak to Kerryl/ Richard regarding how our paypal account works.


Regs to be finalised and issued hopefully by the 9th of July.


Any further matters to be resolved would be done via phone, whatsapp or e-mail.


All other matters were deferred to the next meeting.